Business Impact

We use techniques such as ecofootprinting, systems thinking and carbon audit to quantity the ecological impact of an organisation or it’s individual activities. 

This provides the foundation for the organisation to take informed action; such as carbon management and footprint reduction
This is not just about a more progressive CSR – it’s about a more efficient and resilient organisation.



Though Globalisation is still the buzzword on the lips of many business leaders and government – localisation is the new strategy to address reducing oil supply in a globalised world. 

Get your organisation ahead of the curve by acting strategically to reduce your reliance on lengthy supply and delivery chains.  Localisation is about localising material resources, including food, and dispensing with the necessity for hyper-mobility.

We work with forward-thinking clients to develop an organisational strategy intent on building sustainability into their business model.

Community & Environment

Many communities are disconnected from their local environment.  They do not feel that they have a role in managing their surroundings.  They feel a lack of power. 

We work with local groups to develop environment-related community projects.  We adopt a participatory approach to ensure the community has ownership of the project, and therefore feels empowered by the process. 
We have made a specialism of traditional orchards within this field and have accrued significant experience.